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We are migrating our website and several office apps over to the SubSplash integrated platform. While the new website is substantially the same as the old one, the exiting news is that we are implementing a mobile app that work that works in a complimentary fashion with the website.  A church website is important for introducing people to your church—it’s like your church’s front door!

So what's next?
Our Tech team is now testing our own custom mobile app.  As soon as it's ready, we'll be rolling it out to the congregation.
When it comes to mobile devices, however, people spend over 90% of their time using mobile apps, not websites. A church app offers a personalized, mobile-first place for your people to build meaningful relationships in messaging groups, engage with your content, manage volunteer schedules, and more.  Stay tuned.
What exactly is a church mobile app?
It's an application designed specifically to enhance communication and engagement between churches and their congregations with online tools such as:
  • Live streaming
  • On-demand sermon videos
  • Event registration
  • Online giving
  • and Group Messaging