The Meaning and Significance

Baptism has significant meaning for those who have decided to follow Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

Baptism is a public and personal declaration of our commitment to follow Jesus as Savior and Lord. It represents the the "washing away" of our sin through the death of Jesus The Lord, as well as the new life we are committing to live as a follower of Jesus.

When our lives have been transformed by the grace of God, we find our identity with the death and burial of Jesus (gong under the water) and resurrection and new life in Jesus (coming out of the water). The result is a new life, free from the old power of sin and empowered to live into holiness more and more.

We hold that baptism is a sacrament in which God's strengthening and sustaining grace become present with those who are baptized, and God's encouragement to the church who witnesses.

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The Baptism Process

Whether you are a regular attender, member or visitor, our baptism process has been designed to be both simple and meaningful.

August 2023