Our Team

Jon Dietrich

Senior Pastor

Jon has served at a few different congregations during his time in ministry, ranging from a Covenant Church in urban Minneapolis, MN to a large Lutheran congregation in the small town of New London MN. Most recently he served as the Associate Pastor, Youth & Families at a historic Covenant Church located in the small farming town of Princeton, IL.
Jon and his wife Susan both grew up in Minnesota. He learned from an early age to love and cherish the outdoors, and to see God in His creation. It’s no surprise he ended up in the beautiful town of Arnold. He enjoys spending time with his wife and three little boys. Jon also enjoys tennis, kayaking, cycling, all water sports, a good cup of coffee, all Minnesota sports teams, and helping people grow deeper in their relationship with God.
Jon holds a Masters of Divinity degree from Bethel Seminary, and was fully Ordained in the Evangelical Covenant Church in the summer of 2018.

Jimalene Loring

Worship Arts Ministries Director

Jimalene has been singing all of her life. The first song she remembers singing in front of a congregation was Jesus Loves Me. She couldn't have been more than four years old standing on the stage clinging to her dad's leg. She was terrified to be in front of all those people! From that day forward she has learned to share her gift of music with others through singing with different worship bands, leading worship, and singing in celebration at weddings, retreats, and other special venues.

She has been married to her husband since 1990. Jimalene and her husband, Brett, have two adventurous children, Lexie and Drew, who are both off living their lives. On a beautiful, sun-shiny day you can find Jimalene working in her garden. On a cold, wintry day she would like to be found knitting in their warm cozy house.

She is excited about Worship Arts Ministry at Chapel and the great team with whom she has the privilege to serve.

Robert Crum

Youth Ministries Director

Robert grew up in the San Jose area of the Bay Area. After high school, he joined the US Army and served overseas. After he returned home, he became a chef and worked for several restaurants and hotels in his career. Robert has two children, Ashley, and Ryan, both grown and on their own. He has always been an athlete and loves to play games whenever possible.

Robert gave his life to the Lord on August 18th, 1993. He went back to school in 2007 to obtain his degree in Theology and has been volunteering with the church ever since. Robert has been on several mission trips worldwide digging wells with Living Water International. He is currently still on the Advisory board with the Salvation Army in Santa Clara County. 

He recently moved to Arnold where he has had a cabin for the last 50 years. Robert says he has found his permanent home. 

Karina Crawford

Office Administrator

Karina was born and raised in Sparks, Nevada. Growing up in the church, she loved to be involved in many ministries especially worship, students, and children.

Determined to go to college only for her B.S. in Biology at William Jessup University, she couldn’t help but fall in love with her chauffeur the night of their choir party in 2018. After three years of an amazing friendship, Karina and Ryan got married in 2021. God surprised them with a sweet miracle shortly after the start of their marriage, and they welcomed their first child, Cory, the summer of 2022.

Karina welcomes conversation and loves to learn new things, so feel free to chat if you stop by the office! When she isn’t at the church office, you might find her on a local hike, behind a piano, at a coffee shop, or busy baking at home. 

Christopher Sanborn

Internet Technology

Christopher began his professional career in Silicon Valley as a Materials Engineer. After going back to school for a B.S. in Computer Science he changed careers and became a Unix Systems Engineer. Those duties included both systems administration and web design.

He and his wife, Ruthe, have been married since 1979 and have one son who is himself now married, with two daughters. After retiring in 2013, they moved full-time to the Sierras where they found Chapel.

In addition to his work on the chapel website, he is a co-leader for the ReBorn Life Group and a member of the Digital Mission Council. Aside from his work for the church he keeps busy at their house on an unending list of chores. In his spare time he enjoys writing and is now working on his ninth novel.

Favorite passage: 1 Thessalonians 4:17
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