Photo & Video Policy

The purpose of this policy is to let you know that at Chapel in the Pines we value how photos, videos, and other media help our faith community grow and flourish. Photos and videos tell our story, provide visitors with information and an idea of what to expect when they attend our worship services and events, highlight the work of those who serve, and allow us to communicate our mission as a church via our website, app, and other digital and print media.

Accordingly, photography, videography, live streaming, and other recordings may be in progress at Chapel in the Pines’ church services, ministry activities, classes, programs, and other church events. Chapel in the Pines may use the media recorded at these events in materials produced by or for the church, including but limited to our bulletins, posters, brochures, newsletters, and other printed and electronic materials, digital media (e.g., Chapel in the Pines’ website, app, Facebook page, and other social media sites).

By participating in Chapel in the Pines’ church services, ministry activities, classes, programs, and other events:
  1. You consent to be photographed, videotaped, or otherwise recorded.
  2. You grant your permission for Chapel in the Pines to use recordings containing your image, likeness, voice, or statements, without compensation, credit, or other consideration to you, for Chapel in the Pines’ promotional, publicity, and other purposes, throughout the world and in perpetuity.
  3. And you agree to release, hold harmless, and indemnify Chapel in the Pines from any liabilities and claims involving the use of your image, likeness, voice, or statements.

While we reserve the right to photograph and record church events, we strive to ensure that photography and videography are used safely and positively. We will not knowingly and intentionally post any photo, video, or other recording that would be embarrassing, objectionable, or hurtful to any clearly, personally identifiable individual in the recording. Any individual who appears in a photo or video (or whose minor children appear in a photo or video) that has been posted online by Chapel in the Pines may request that it be removed for any reason by using the following form.

Please note we cannot remove your image from video or live stream messages. Please understand that Chapel in the Pines has no control over the recording, use, and posting of images or other media by non-church staff (e.g., by community members, and news outlets) and no ability to remove such media from publications, including Internet or social media sites, that are not run by Chapel in the Pines.
Images of Minors
Only Chapel in the Pines volunteers, designated by their corresponding Ministry Director, are permitted to take photos/videos of minors. (except as a part of a “crowd” or where the child’s face cannot be easily identified). No other volunteers are permitted to take photos of minors for any private or public use.
In addition, the following guidelines must be enforced:
  1. Under no circumstances will any identifying information (first or last name, family members, email addresses, school names, etc.) of any minor be included in or associated with any photographs or videos displayed, posted, or published in any way. Unless prior written consent from at least one parent/guardian is obtained.
  2. The Chapel in the Pines Parental Consent and Medical Authorization Form will contain a reference to this policy, and a permission request be signed by at least one parent/guardian to allow the participant to be photographed per the policy.  If a parent/guardian does not consent to the use of photos/videos on the Parental Consent and Medical Authorization Form every effort will be made to honor that request. 
Images of Adults
When posting images of adults, using our photo policy and the above guidelines, written consent shall only be required if listing identifying information such as the subject’s name. Adults who do not wish for their photo or video to be potentially posted online or otherwise displayed, regardless of the context, may use the following Opt-Out Form, and Chapel in the Pines will make every effort to exclude any individual or small group photos or videos.  Please note that you may still be included in large group or crowd shots without identifying information; however, you may always request that any photo or video scene be removed from display.

Permission for use of our media and content
Unless otherwise indicated, photographs and videos are the property of and copyrighted by Chapel in the Pines and may not be used for any purpose (including but not limited to downloading, printing, distributing, or linking) without permission from Chapel in the Pines.

We grant limited sharing of our media and content. You may share YouTube Videos, website articles, and social media stories via social media. You may link to our posted content, but you may not download and share content on a personal web page without permission. Please add attribution to Chapel in the Pines for any media you share with permission. Chapel in the Pines reserves the right to amend or change these policies with or without notification.

For Questions or Concerns please contact us:
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  • Mail: P.O. Box 9 Arnold, CA 95223
  • Phone: (209) 795 1064

LT Approved 1/17/2024