chapel announcements

2286 Cedar Lane, Arnold, CA - Service time: Sundays, 10:15AM

Don't Forget:

  • Do-Wooders welcome volunteers, Mon & Weds, 8AM to 10:30-ish.
    They'll be working off-site for the next few weeks. Be at the yard by 7:45
  • Hearty Boys - Men's Bible Study, Tuesday, 7:45
  • No Youth Group or Life Groups until Fall
  • Shop on Amazon and help Chapel! (Tell me more)

Upcoming Events:

  • Aug 25 - Pastor Candidate Jon Dietrich will be preaching. Come meet the family!
  • Aug 31 - Labor Day Garage Sale Youth Fundraiser @ Chapel (8AM - 4PM)

Contact the office (209- 795-1064) if you have any questions about upcoming events.
Chapel Office hours:  Tuesday - Friday, 9:30 to 3:00