Reopening Procedures for Sunday
Indoor Worship Service

The ultimate goal of Chapel in the Pines, in all things, is to fulfill what we believe God has given us as a mission, namely, to Love God, Love Others, and Serve Others. We have never wavered from that mission, but with all the restrictions that have come our way due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic we have had to be strategic about how we have gathered as the church. What that has looked like recently is a hybrid approach of both outdoor worship services and Live Streamed worship. As the weather changes and restrictions continue to lessen, we believe now is a good time to communicate our plan to move indoors.

Worshiping indoors will, however, look significantly different than our previous indoor worship services. We believe the safest, most loving, approach is to worship at 50% capacity for our Sanctuary space. That would put us at a maximum of 65 people. This is the only way we can allow for six feet of personal space around each family unit, something recommended by local and state health experts. We are offering one worship service times, at 10:00am. The 10:00am worship service will be the service available via Live Stream through our website.

Like many of you, we have a desire to worship as one body for as long as possible, therefore we will continue to worship outdoors for as long as the weather allows. Please note, this is not a one size fits all approach. For a variety of reasons, you may choose not to participate in indoor worship at this time, this is understandable and okay. We will have our services Live Streamed, so you will still be able to participate as the service is happening but from your own house. Please read the following guidelines and if you choose to come to worship with us indoors come willing to follow these guidelines and with a sense of gracious flexibility as we live in such an ever changing time.

Please read the following instructions carefully:

  • We will be offering one time for Sunday morning indoor worship, 10:00am.
  • The 10:00am worship service will be Live Streamed on our website.
  • We will also be offering a Children’s Church (k-5) option at the 10:00am worship service, please click here for the details and to register your children.
  • There will be no Bibles, bulletins, or other handouts available at this time.
  • There will be no after church Fellowship Time or Nursery right now.
  • The chairs in the sanctuary space have been rearranged to allow for maximum seating but still allowing for six feet of personal space around each family unit.
  • For guidelines on using the other parts of the Chapel in the Pines campus for things such as Life Groups or meetings click here.  

Before coming to Chapel:

  • It is recommended that you take your own temperature before coming. If you or anyone in your household feels sick at all, has any COVID-19 symptoms, or has been exposed to COVID-19 and has not received a negative test result, please stay home and join us via our Live Stream.
  • You will be required to wear a mask when entering, exiting, and during singing. If you don’t have one, we will provide you with a disposable mask. When you are seated and can maintain six feet of personal space around your family unit you may choose to remove your mask.


When you Arrive:

  • When arriving, if you park next to someone else at the same time, please be respectful and only exit your vehicle when you can maintain social distancing.
  • Ushers will greet you at the west entrance to the sanctuary building, on the deck. Handicap attenders, or those who cannot do the stairs are welcome to use the south entrance. Once met at the door an usher will bring you to your seat. Seating will be assigned starting at the center of the front row and then filled in toward the sides and back. Please follow the usher’s instructions and seating plan.
  • Family units should have three chairs between them and the people next to them, this has been measured to be six feet. We will only be sitting people in every other row, also measured to be six feet.
  • The rows we will be seating people in will alternate between the
  • 10:00am service, so you will never be seated in a chair that someone else has used that day.
  • We will do our best to do this in an efficient manner, but if a line forms of people waiting to be seated please maintain six feet of personal space around your family unit.
  • There will be restroom access, but please go before you come to Chapel if you can. If you are someone who knows that you may need to use the restroom during worship please inform the usher who is directing you toward your seat that you would like an aisle seat.


During the Service:

  • There will be an offering basket available at both the west and south exits. Remember you can also give online at or by mail to P.O. Box 9, Arnold CA.
  • During the worship service the Worship Team and I will be entering and exiting the stage with masks on, but will be singing/speaking without a mask. We have arranged the room, and the stage, so that the first row of worship attenders is no less than 10 feet away from anyone speaking or singing without a mask.


After the Service:

  • When worship is over, please follow the direction of the ushers. Some seating areas will be instructed to exit out the west exit, while others will be instructed to exit out the south exit. Everyone will be instructed to cautiously and carefully exit while maintaining social distancing.
  • Please be patient, respectful and aware of others around you. We trust that the time for extended fellowship will come, but this isn’t it.


All plans and procedures will be re-evaluated periodically and revised as conditions and requirements change to maintain a healthy and safe environment. Thank you for your prayerful patience and understanding.