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Chapel in the Pines Re-Opening Plans and Procedures for Sunday Outdoor Worship Service

The ultimate goal of Chapel in the Pines in all things is to fulfill what we believe God has given us as a mission, namely to Love God, Love Others, and Serve Others. We have never wavered from that mission, but with all the resections that have come our way due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic we have had to be strategic about how we go about empowering the people of Chapel in the Pines to be the church out in their own spheres of influence. What that has looked like recently is digital worship services. As restrictions continue to lesson, we believe now is a good time to change how we are operating once again.

We are excited to announce that we are moving back to an outdoor service so that we can accommodate more people. We will continue to meet Sundays at 10:00am. We will be joining together in person for worship but also desire strongly to make this the safest environment possible following our local and state governments requirements and recommendations.

This is not a one size fits all approach. For a variety of reasons you may choose not to participate in the in person worship at this time, this is understandable and okay. We will have our services live streamed, so you will still be able to participate as the service is happening but from your own house. Please read the following guidelines and if you choose to come to worship with us in person come with a sense of gracious flexibility as we live in such an ever changing time.

  • Service Resources

    We've provided the Worship Lyrics and Discussion Questions for the Service. Feel free to print them out and bring them with you, or use your wireless device during the service.

  • GuideLines

    Please read the following instructions carefully:

    • Worship will take place out-doors in the Chapel in the Pines parking lot with Pastor Jon and the worship team located on the Chapel raised deck. 

    • Starting time is being moved to 9:30am due to the approaching summer sun. 

    • You may want to wear a sun hat or bring an umbrella or other sun-shade. 

    • There will be no Bibles, bulletins, or other handouts available. (See Resources below)

    • There will be no after church Fellowship Time, Children's Church or Nursery during the outdoor services. 

    • A formal seating area will be marked out with cones and chalk to maintain social distancing. 

     Please bring your own folding chair to sit on. If you do not have a chair to bring, we will provide one.

    Before coming to Chapel: 

    • It is recommended that you take your own temperature before coming. If you feel sick at all, have any COVID-19 symptoms, or if anyone else in your household is sick or has symptoms, stay home. 

    • Wearing a mask is strongly recommended especially for those at higher risk. 

    • There will be no restroom access. Please go before you come to Chapel. All Chapel buildings remain closed until further notice. If there is an urgent need for a restroom while at church, please see an usher at the back of the seating area. 

    • Check the weather forecast and dress appropriately.

    When you Arrive:

    • Please park between the Chapel Office and the pond. Handicap parking is available near the entrance to the seating area. If you park at the same time next to someone else, please be respectful and only exit your vehicle when you can maintain social distancing. 

    • Ushers will be at the entrance to the outdoor seating area and direct you where to sit. Seating will be assigned starting at the center of the front row and then filled in toward the sides and back. Please follow the usher’s instructions and seating plan. 

    • Couples and families that live together may sit together, others will not be allowed to form groups. This is a necessary requirement, please take it seriously, we don’t want to have to ask you to move. 

    During the Service:

    • There will be one offering basket available as you exit. Remember you can also give online or by mail to P.O. Box 9, Arnold CA. 

    After the Service:

    • When worship is over, everyone will be instructed to cautiously and carefully move to their cars to exit while maintaining social distancing. 

    • Please be patient, respectful and aware of others around you. If there is someone you feel you must pause to talk to, please move off to one side and maintain social distancing. We trust that the time for extended fellowship will come, but this isn’t it. 

    All plans and procedures will be re-evaluated periodically and revised as conditions and requirements change to maintain a healthy and safe environment. 
    Thank you for your prayerful patience and understanding.