On-line Giving

  • There are two convenient ways to submit an on-line gift:
    Using your smartphone, text Give to 209.427.1064
    ☞ Click the MAKE A DONATION button below.
  • For more information check out the Q&A section below.
  • For assistance, contact: Carolyn

Clover give-ing  Q&A

Is there a limit to the number of donations that can be made within a certain period of time?
An individual person’s donations are limited to 4 donations within a 24hr period, as a safety measure. There is no limit to the overall number of donations made to a specific event or organization.

Can a guest make a donation without registering for the donation site?
Yes, through quick give, the user can give a donation without having to login. Submitting a donation creates an account for user on the back-end, to track donation submissions. If they ever wanted to view their account later, they can just reset password based on email address, even if they never set up an account.

Does a user have to login to an account to track their donations?
Yes, you would need an account to link donations back to a single user, however multiple donations with the same email address will be tied together automatically. This means that the system would backfill donations data for that email address, at time of making an account.

Can recurring donations be set up for any day?
Yes, you can set donations can be started on and set to recur on any day.

How does text giving work?
Text giving is a separate option from online giving. The donor has to sign up for text giving through their account.

Can I specify in the memo of a donation exactly what it is for?
Memo Line is available with Clover Give.