Advent 2019

a journey through luke

Chapel in the Pines family, with everything going on, the Christmas season can become a busy time, a time where it's hard to slow down and focus on the true reason we celebrate. Because of that busyness, you are invited into an intentional time of reading the scripture together as we journey through the season of Advent.r

The Gospel of Luke has 24 chapter. Together we will read one chapter every day of Advent and when we wake up on Christmas morning, we will have read about the life of Jesus and why we celebrate Him!

You are invited to follow along on our Chapel in the Pines Facebook page for daily reading reminders and an opportunity to interact with and encourage each other as we read together. Or simply follow the reading plan on the back of the bulletin insert, in the e-newsletter or on the website below.


Sunday, 1st - Chapter 1

Monday, 2nd - Chapter 2

Tuesday, 3rd - Chapter 3

Wednesday, 4th - Chapter 4

Thursday, 5th - Chapter 5

Friday, 6th - Chapter 6

Saturday, 7th - Chapter 7

Sunday, 8th - Chapter 8

Monday, 9th - Chapter 9

Tuesday, 10th - Chapter 10

Wednesday, 11th - Chapter 11

Thursday, 12th - Chapter 12

Friday, 13th - Chapter 13

Saturday, 14th - Chapter 14

Sunday, 15th - Chapter 15

Monday, 16th - Chapter 16

Tuesday, 17th - Chapter 17

Wednesday, 18th - Chapter 18

Thursday, 19th - Chapter 19

Friday, 20th - Chapter 20

Saturday, 21st - Chapter 21

Sunday, 22nd - Chapter 22

Monday, 23rd - Chapter 23

Tuesday, 24th - Chapter 24