Got Music?

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    The question everyone always wants to know: what kind of music do you “do” at Chapel? Well, that answer is a pretty simple one: whatever kind of music God is calling us to do. On any given Sunday, there is a good chance you will hear some pretty rockin’ praise songs with lots of drums and guitar riffs. But that same Sunday, you will also hear a simple, but heartfelt hymn with a piano ballad background. You might catch some bluegrass or even some high church chorale music from time to time.

    Our goal is not to put ourselves in a box doing only one kind of music. The body of Christ, His church, is truly diverse and a beautiful blend, and we want our music to reflect that diversity as well.

    We truly believe that the point of our Sunday morning is not the art, but rather the point is the Audience.

    God Himself.

  • Worship Arts Organization

    We LOVE having new members join the team. There are so many great places to serve on our team:

    • Worship Dancers
    • Actors
    • Set Designers
    • Vocalists
    • Videographers
    • Multimedia Techs
    • Instrumentalists/Band members
    • Sound Techs
    • And more!

    We don’t look for the best singers, dancers, or artists; rather, we look for people who are called by God to serve Him with the obvious gifts He has given them. Please fill out this form below and submit it to our Servants Team. Give us a few days, and we will contact you as soon as we can!

  • Special Worship arts events

    • September - Worship Arts Fall Kickoff
      Come have fun, hear about our new Fall season, receive new music CDs, and enjoy homemade apple fritters! Hosted by our Servants Team. Please contact us for location information and to RSVP.

    • September - Chapel Outdoor Worship Service. Come worship outside in a beautiful setting at Arnold’s very own Logging Museum!