the clubhouse

The Clubhouse @ Chapel

"Where kids bring their parents to church"

  • saturday nights

    SAVE these DATES:   6:30-7:30pm  ( ** unless otherwise stated)

    2016-2017 Clubhouse Schedule (Saturdays):

    • September 10 – Trust
    • October 1 – Courage
    • November 5 – HONOR (Watch video below)
    • December 10 – Clubhouse is headed to Bethlehem…something BIG is in the works!  ** Special 3 hour event – Starts at 4:00 (doors open at 3:45pm)
    • January 14 – Knowledge
    • February 4 – Love
    • March 4
    • April 8
    • May 6 - Clubhouse Extravaganza Finale!
                 - Special Time: 5:45pm (Family fun! Dinner, games)

    The Clubhouse is where kids (kindergarten–5th grade) and parents learn together about the "Big Idea."  It’s a monthly, one hour, fun, digital interactive experience designed for families. The Clubhouse exists to partner with parents. We believe what happens at home is more important than what happens at church.

    Each month, there is a new Big Idea in the Clubhouse. These Big Ideas are things parents will want their kids to learn (e.g., honesty, patience, self-control, and gratitude). We would like to say that we came up with these—but actually, they are God’s Big Ideas.

    We believe that parents are ultimately responsible for the spiritual development of their children (Deuteronomy 6:5–9). We realize parents have much more time with their kids than we do. Each year, kids spend about 3,000 hours with their parents and only 40 hours attending church. No one has more influence over their children than parents.

    Our role is to partner with parents by providing a plan that gives them the tools they need to lead their kids spiritually. This plan launches at the Clubhouse, and continues the rest of the month on Sundays during church services on Sunday and through the Parent Cue.

    Please note: This is not a drop-off event, and requires each child to have his/her parent or guardian present for admission.

clubhouse videos

Though its not like seeing the real thing in person, by watching one of these videos, you will get a taste of the fun to be had in attending or helping with one of the Clubhouse Events.

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