Introduction to Week 3

The Praise Candle

A Time to Celebrate…

(Before you continue to the third candle, be sure to light the previous two candles and take some time to reflect on what each candle represents. Light the first, second, and now the third- the lighter colored candle. Remember to go through both the introduction for the week and Devotion One on the first day of a this new week.)


As you light the third candle, the Praise Candle, you will notice it is a lighter color than the two previous candles. The difference in color symbolizes the “lighter” side of life, the element of joy that Christ brings into our lives. What better way to celebrate the Christmas season than to spend time praising our Lord! In Bible times, the Jews took celebrating very seriously. They saw celebrations as opportunities to deepen their faith and recommit their lives to their God. Often times a wedding, for instance, would turn into a week long celebration focusing not only on the covenant made between a man and a woman, but also focusing on the covenant made between their forefather Abraham and their Jehovah God. So it can be with the Advent season for you and me. Not only can we celebrate the fulfilled promise of a Savior on Christmas Day, but we can also extend our Christmas day into a season of reflection, reminders, and rejoicing in all that we have in Him today and all that is still to come!