advent family devotions - day 9

JOHN 6:35, 47-51, 58

The word “Bethlehem” in the Hebrew language means “House of Bread.” Once again we see the perfection in God’s Holy Scriptures. It is especially fitting that Jesus, who later in His ministry years calls himself the “Bread of Life,” comes out of an obscure village set amidst wheat fields and named “A House of Bread.” Do you know Jesus as your daily bread? Is He the One who sustains and satisfies you? The French people have an old custom to eat bread with every meal. The bread is a symbol of life to them and it is even considered improper to ever throw any bread away! This, by the way, is where we get our recipe for “French Toast.” The French created “French Toast” by dunking their stale bread, which they are not allowed to throw away, into milk and eggs. We would do well to model after the French custom in regards to the Living Bread we are given every day through Christ Jesus. Let us regard Jesus as the very essence of life, never wasting the nutrients awaiting us in His Living Word. The French have bread at every meal; likewise, let us eat of the Living Bread every day—as we continually make Jesus the essence of our lives.

- Marilyn Williams