Advent Family Devotions - Day 6

ISAIAH 55: 1-3

What a fitting passage for the Christmas Season! We can so easily spend, spend, spend, and work, work, work! In trying to make Christmas the best ever, we can still miss out on the goods God has for us. It’s nice to have the luxuries in life, but if we spend all our money, time, and energy trying to attain the luxuries, our daily labor and resources would be for naught. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the luxuries in our lives, but the Lord clearly tells us there is no real substance or lasting value found in the extras. We can enjoy the presents during the Christmas Season, but we must not forsake the reason for the season—God’s love and desire to be near to us. Attending Christmas parties adds festivity to our season, but let us be sure to schedule time alone with the One who is presently preparing for us the biggest party ever: The Banquet of Salvation in the Dining Hall of God’s Throne Room! While savoring our Christmas goodies, let us not forget to eat of His Word throughout this holy season. 

As we spend time with friends and family, may we also keep an open ear to His Spirit. These Scriptures tell us that if we eat what is good, our souls will delight in the best! He promises a covenant of eternal love to us if we continue to come and listen to Him. In Him, we will find purpose and joy for our lives, greater than anything we could purchase, make, or achieve on our own. Isaiah also warns us to seek the Lord while He may still be found. None of us knows how many days we have left, so let us make this Christmas Season really count! As we align our hearts with His thoughts and our deeds with His commands, we will go out with joy and be led forth with peace, even in the midst of the crazy Christmas Season!

(Optional: Reflect on  ways that you might be spending your time and laboring in your efforts for naught during this Christmas Season. Think about how to replace those empty things with the things of God that bring true substance into our lives!)

- Marilyn