Advent Family Devotions - Day 5

ISAIAH 40: 1-8

These verses reveal the comfort and the sense of purpose Jesus desires to bring into our lives. Back in Ancient days, when this was first written, the people would prepare the roads whenever a king was coming to visit their village. They would devote their efforts into smoothing out any bumps in the dirt roads and making straight any crooked paths. This was a sign to the king that they anxiously awaited His arrival and had done all they could to prepare the way for Him. Some of these verses prophesy about Jesus being a king from Heaven, yet laying down His kingship and coming to us as an infant to be a sacrifice for our sins. Some of these verses are still to come— when He comes again as The King of Heaven and Earth! Just as Isaiah called his people to put their hope in God and just as John the Baptist called God’s people to repent from their sins, still these verses call us today to prepare our hearts. We must devote ourselves to being ready for Jesus’ return as the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!

As we await His second coming, the Advent Season gives us the opportunity to survey all the roads that lead to our hearts. What is the condition of our hearts? Are we on track? Do the roads we travel need smoothing or straightening out? In whom do we put our faith and trust? Amidst all the holiday preparations this year, take some time to prepare for His return. It could be sooner than you expect!

- Marilyn