Advent Family Devotions - Day 4

ISAIAH 61: 1-3

In this passage, Isaiah speaks on God’s behalf of the coming Messiah and the Messiah’s job description. Because we have the recording of Jesus’ life in the New Testament, we can see how Jesus did all that was prophesied about Him! We must not only recognize Jesus’ ability in the past to fulfill His promises, we must also believe that Jesus will do the same in our lives today and in the coming age. He still and always will be the Sovereign Lord whom God’s Spirit rests on and is one with the Father and the Spirit. He is still preaching His Good News to the people today through His Written Word. He can still bind up our broken hearts and bring freedom to our captive souls! He wants to bring light to our darkness today. He still desires to comfort all who mourn and bring joy to despairing hearts. He is ready to plant seeds of righteousness in our hearts. He can still take our downtrodden lives and transform them into vessels of His glory. We simply must believe and act upon His promises of old in our lives today. 

He does not promise the absence of evil in our lives, but rather the victory over evil in our hearts. He calls us in this passage to keep our eyes focused on the condition of our souls rather than the circumstances of our lives. Jesus has proven Himself by His testimony, here among us, to be the Anointed One—spoken of in the Old Testament through His prophets. Have you bowed the knee to His Lordship in your daily life? Are you looking to Him today to be the same God and do the same good work in your own life that He has already proven Himself able to do?

- Marilyn