Advent Family Devotions - Day 25


Look and see what Jesus has done! In these verses, Paul declares who Jesus is and what Jesus has done. As we have studied the first and second coming of Christ, we now see the entire mystery put together. These verses testify to Jesus being fully God as the first-born Son, and having everything- including the creation of the world under His authority. Not only is Jesus exactly like God, but it says here that God was happy to live fully inside His Son in order to then become the perfect sacrifice over all sin that separates us from God. God was pleased for Jesus to make peace between God and us by sacrificing his blood on the cross. And why was God happy to offer Himself as a sacrifice for us through His beloved Son Jesus?

“So that all beings on heaven and on earth would be brought back to God.” (Vs. 20)

I think it would be safe to say that God misses us and is willing to go to extreme lengths to get us back!

How far are you willing to go to be close to God? How far away are you from the One who has sacrificed Himself to get you back? Take a moment to reflect on what you can do to dwell with Him more closely. He has given up everything to dwell with you; perhaps you can give up what is keeping you from being close to Him? God’s presence in our hearts and in our daily lives is the best present we will ever receive!

-Marilyn Williams