Advent Family Devotions - Day 21


Proverbs 12:20 informs us that by spreading peace, we can increase our joy! Take a moment to think on ways you can spread peace to the little corner of the world God has assigned you. Start first with your attitude toward the people you live with. Are you doing your part to make your home a place of peace, not strife? How about at your work or in your school? Do you see opportunities to reconcile people to one another? Instead of spreading dissension through gossip—envy—or competition, are you spreading peace through integrity—forgiveness—and unconditional love? Look for opportunities to wear Jesus’ shoes of peace in a world of uncertainty and chaos.

Proverbs 15:30 further instructs us on how to bring joy to others. It is truly amazing how far a smile can go in a person’s day! As we wear Jesus’ shoes of peace and as we simply pass on even just a tiny bit of the joy we are given, we will soon discover that the joy of the Lord is an endless supply of strength in our lives and in the lives of those around us!

-Marilyn Williams