Advent Family Devotions - Day 20


As followers of Jesus Christ, we have so much to celebrate! There are so many reasons to give praises to our God! Psalm 145 is one big celebration of our Lord!

Verse 1 tells us our God is the King and we will have all of eternity to praise His name!

Verse 3 declares that He is worthy of our praise and no one could ever compare with His greatness!

Verse 5 tells us His works are wonderful and we should meditate on them!

Verse 7 & 9 describe that His mighty works will be remembered forever throughout one generation after another!

Verse 8 shows us how gracious, compassionate, and rich in love is our God!

Verse 13 records that His kingdom is everlasting, His reign is over every generation; and, at the same time, He is faithful in His love for His people!

Verses 14-16 express His heart for the humble and the hurting, as well as His hand that provides for and satisfies every living thing!

Verses 17 & 19 declare Him to be a perfect balance between justice and love!

Verse 18 is the most miraculous; yet it tells us that He is near and listening to our cries!

And verse 2 & 21 direct us in how to respond to such a God as ours: 


-Marilyn Williams