Advent Family Devotions - Day 2


(Look up this verse in your Bibles together and have someone read the verses aloud

after the Prophecy Candle has been relit.)

In this verse, God is explaining to His people through the Prophet Isaiah that the line of King David will be seemingly destroyed. Isaiah likens this coming doom to being cut down like a tree, all the way to its stump. But God continues this word picture with hope in the coming Messiah who will not only come from this remaining stump, but He will bring new life to an old root! 

Looking back from our side of history, we know Isaiah’s prophecy has been proven true when Jerusalem was overtaken in 70 A.D., leaving nothing but a future hope in a Messiah still to come. This verse reveals the sovereignty of God’s plans to prevail even in the face of adversity and destruction. Our precious Jesus, who comes to us in the New Testament, is the prevailing shoot from a seemingly cut off people that connects us to the Old Testament and delivers us from the hand of the evil one!

- Marilyn