Advent Family Devotions - Day 1

(Introduction to Week 1 - The Prophecy Candle)

ISAIAH 9:2, 6, & 7

(Look this up together in your Bibles and have someone read the verses out loud.)

It is interesting to note that Scripture in the Old Testament often refers to Jesus’ birth and Jesus’ return at the same time, leaving us sometimes wondering if the verse is referring to Jesus coming as an infant and a Savior or to Jesus coming as a warrior and a reigning King. What is important to understand about these verses is that Jesus is always both the Savior and the King, never either. God gave the prophet Isaiah these promises about the coming Messiah as an infant as well as a returning conquering warrior. It is important for all mankind to know that we are walking in the darkness of death until we receive the light of God’s presence in our hearts personally. Although Jesus was born a baby, Isaiah gives several significant names that we must know Him by: 

“Wonderful,” “Counselor,” “The Mighty God,” “The Everlasting Father,” and “The Prince of Peace”. 

He is not merely the baby in a manger! As we prepare to celebrate Christ’s birth this Christmas, let us remember that not only has He come to us on that starry night long ago, but He still lives now and forevermore! Not only does He reign from Heaven’s Throne, but if we crown Him our Eternal King, He rules in our hearts as well. He has come once as a gift for all, but He will return someday as a ruler over all. He did not come all the way from Heaven to merely rule over us, but to rule in us! Whether we receive Him as our Lord and Savior or not, He will still rule. The question to ask yourself is: Are you with Him; being ruled by Him from the inside out, or are you against Him—merely waiting to be ruled over by Him when He returns?

(Optional: additional verses; Romans 14:11, Matt. 1:21-23, Ps. 24:8, Is. 54:5)

-Marilyn Williams