Advent Family Devotions

Keeping Christ in Christmas

by Marilyn Williams

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Greetings! I would like to introduce to you my family’s favorite holiday celebration: Advent! No matter how many resources my family has had to celebrate Christmas, we have always enjoyed celebrating Advent as a symbol of the true meaning and joy of Christmas. The study of the prophecies of the past and the promises still to come have increased our faith and deepened our understanding of our most precious gift in every Christmas season: the gift of God himself through the birth of His Son Jesus Christ! Unfortunately, this priceless gift of eternal peace so often gets overlooked during this frantic Holy Season. These priceless moments of consistently gathering together around our Advent wreath, reading the scriptures together, and singing Christmas Carols a cappella style have encouraged us in family bonding and spiritual growth while engraving life-long memories into each of our hearts.

My intent in writing this Family Advent Devotional is to equip you and your family with a simple, yet instrumental tool in keeping Christ in the center of your Christmas! Holidays are such fun opportunities to teach our children and remind ourselves of spiritual truths that can otherwise be difficult to understand, and yet need to be celebrated over and over again. I hope and pray this Family Advent Devotional will be a useful and significant tool in creating meaningful and memorable family fun during this festive time of year. 

- Marilyn Williams

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Marilyn Williams

Ministry of the Word

December 22, 2009

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