date Night out

Date Night Out seeks to inspire and equip married couples to thrive, not just at Chapel, but in our entire community...

...because a GREAT marriage can't wait!

  • Next Event - Friday, november 17, 2017 - 6 to 8pm

    Married couples are invited to come out to one of Chapel's quarterly MarriedPeople NightOut evenings full of fun, music, laughter and fellowship over a tasty meal together. The event is open to the community and designed to help couples who are caught up in the busy-ness of life to enjoy a "date night" in a casual and fun gathering with other couples.

    We believe every couple can make marriage incredible by committing to engage in the Four Core Habits:

    • Have Serious Fun - Having fun as a couple is not just something extra, it's essential. In fact, we believe the best way to protect your marriage is to enjoy it.

    • Respect and Love - Of the few verses God gives to husbands and wives, the directive to respect and love is commanded more than any other. And when we understand the interplay between respect and love, the truth can set up free.

    • Love God First - When Jesus was asked what was the greatest commandment, His answer was to love God with all you are, then to love others with all you are. Loving God in your individual life greatly impacts your married life.

    • Practice Your Promise - We made a big promise when we said, "I do." Our spouses trusted that we would do what we promised to do to love each other and to stay together, no matter what. Knowing that commitment is still there is vital to every marriage.

    The cost is $25 per couple and couples can register at the Chapel Office, M - Th. For additional information contact: 
    Chapel in the Pines at 209-795-1064 or e-mail.